• Jun 05, 2014

    Joyalukkas Brand Ambassador Allu Arjun opens new Sohar Souq Showroom, reopens refreshed City Center Showroom and unveiled Joyalukkas Golden Carnival during 2 day trip in Oman.

    Telugu actor Allu Arjun concluded his two day trip to Oman on behalf of the Joyalukkas Group after participating in the rebranding of Joyalukkas Center to Jolly Silks on his second day here. The style icon took a whirlwind 2 days tour across Oman during which he inaugurated Joyalukkas Jewellery’s Sohar Souq showroom, reopened the refreshed Joyalukkas Jewellery’s City Center Showroom and unveiled the mega winnings campaign i.e. Joyalukkas Golden Carnival during which shoppers are being offered a chance to win 12 BMW’s and 2 Kgs in a 60 days period. He also participated in the formal brand name change of Joyalukkas Center to Jolly Silks. ‘This was a fantastic 2 days, I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the various Joyalukkas activities and meeting my many fans here. Joyalukkas is a global brand and seeing their fantastic customer following I feel blessed getting the opportunity to be a part this global conglomerate. Joyalukkas Jewellery is truly the ‘world’s favourite jeweller!,” said Allu Arjun.

    Other then the various Joyalukkas Jewellery related initiatives the rebranding of the popular Joylaukkas Center to Jolly Silks was one of the biggest announcement made by the group during Allu Arjun’s visit.  With the name change Jolly Silks, Oman will now move into a new direction in the fashion & silks. The name change is a roll-out across all markets Joyalukkas Center is currently operating in with the objective to take the Group’s fashion & Silks business to the next level.  A committed team of experts from the fashion industry is now leading this drive to make Jolly Silks, the new fashion destination. The change in brand name has been already implemented in India by Joyalukkas and has been well accepted and appreciated by the consumers there. The core of the Jolly Silks proposition will be ‘value and latest choices’ for all profiles of shoppers.

    “We have introduced and rolled out many initiatives during our brand ambassadors Allu Arjun’s visit. Our new showroom in Sohar Souq, the opening of our refurbished showroom in City Center, the announcement of the big winnings initiative ‘Joyalukkas Golden Carnival and rebranding of Joyalukkas Center to Jolly Silks. We feel Oman is continuing to grow and prosper and our initiatives perfectly fit the customer expectations here,” said Joy Alukkas, Chairman & MD, Joyalukkas Group.

    During the 60 day ‘Joyalukkas Golden Carnival’ shoppers will get a chance to win 12 BMW cars and 2 Kgs gold against every RO 50 spent. In addition to this Joyalukkas Jewellery is also offering an attractive exchange offer wherein customers will be offered zero deduction in weight and rate of old jewellery on purchase of new jewellery.

    “A sincere thank you to the government and residents of Oman for their support to Joyalukkas. Thanks to their blessings, Joyalukkas, has now entered a new growth phase in this dynamic country. Our 60 Day Joyalukkas Golden carnival is in appreciation of the invaluable contribution our customers have made towards making ‘Joyalukkas’ a globally renowned brand” said John Paul Joy Alukkas, Executive Director, Joyalukkas Group.