The Joyalukkas Customer out reach program

Our Joy - Joyalukkas

The mission of Our Joy is to reach customers in every nook and corner of India and give them access to the Joyalukkas range of products and services. The objective is 'we travel to a customers door steps' instead of making a customer travel to us. Our Joy will offer a host of value added services in addition to offering access to the millions of jewellery designs and collections like wedding purchase planning & advise, advance booking of jewelery for price protection, gold insurance, easy gold investment schemes, gift vouchers, free consultancy on gold and diamond jewellery purchase and more. Our Joy will offer customers across the length and breadth of India the perfect mix of features that Joyalukkas is world renowned for i.e Breathtaking range, Best Price, Professional Service, Great Convenience & Unlimited choice.

The mantra of Our Joy's is 'To serve a customer is our joy'. Currently 'Our Joy out reach centers are rapidly spreading across various parts of India. Joyalukkas has made extensive plans for expanding the 'Our Joy our reach centers' network.